Umatilla Library Summer Program

Welcome to Umatilla Library’s Summer Reading Program.  This year we will Fizz! Bang! Boom! through the summer.  This is a six week program and it is totally free. Attendance is two classes a week for six weeks. The classes last for an hour and fifteen minutes. Each class consist of a mix of  stories, plays, games, treats and prizes. Each child will have a chance to check out books to read at home.

This is the last week of the Summer Reading Program. Wow, the weeks have flown by!  There are only a few more days to read books. Wednesday, 7/30/14 at 3:00PM, is the deadline to hand in your book tickets. We will be counting up the final tickets to figure out the top 25 readers for the Top Reader Pizza Party held on Thursday at 11:30AM. We will be calling all the winners on Wednesday starting at 4PM. The final Space Party is on Friday, at 10:30AM, and all registered attendees and their family are invited. Good luck!!

Check out the pictures of what we have done so far.


Fizz Robots


Updated 7/27/2014